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St. Moritz Magazin - Issue 4

Anbieter: Gemeinde St. Moritz

CHF 25.00
"St. Moritz - Views from the Top" ist ein Magazin, das über alle Neuigkeiten, Ansichten und Geschichten aus St. Moritz berichtet.

St. Moritz has always been famous for firsts, a beautiful arena for the bold to enjoy themselves in the least conventional ways. You want to zoom face first down an ice flume on a tray? Do it. You’d like to play a notoriously combative equestrian summer sport on a frozen lake? Be our guest. St. Moritz is once again making like a virgin and being kissed for the very first time; in winter 2022 by a rave – though we should perhaps call SunIce an exemplary electronic music festival – for which the main stage was created in a dome, in the deep snow, halfway up a mountain. Incredible vibes! The town was also touched by the romance of the silver screen for the inaugural St. Moritz Art Film Festival, an elegant clinch between artists and filmmakers. This celluloid celebration is a new classic.

Elsewhere, we take a dip as Nomad, the world-renowned art and design fair, heads off on its first summer holiday to Capri; we let one of Switzerland’s most brilliant photographers loose to build a story about a hasty retreat from our legendary locale; and indulge in some of our readers’ favourites: snow; sun; a little sexiness. Thank you, once again, for joining the fun.

Nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

Gesamt: CHF 25.00

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